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Birdseye Billing

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Revenue Cycle Management

At Birdseye Billing, we take a "Birdseye View" look into your entire Revenue Cycle to help you maximize your profits while saving you money.


Insurance Billing

Insurance Billing

We focus on the entire insurance billing process from start to finish.  Including clean claim submission, follow up, appeals/resubmissions, and payment input with accurate write off's.

Patient Billing

Patient Billing

We take over the patient billing process to minimize outstanding balances, and maximizing your profits. 


Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification

We offer basic and thorough eligibility verification that is input directly into your software.

Why Choose Us?

Save Money

Outsourcing costs less than an extra staff member.  You save on wages, employment insurance, benefits, training, turnover, and more.

Save Time

Give your A/R to us.  This allows time for focusing on patient satisfaction and growth. You also save the average time it takes to train a biller (18-24 months)

Reduce Stress

We can provide relief from Office Manager burn out.  Billing adds to the mountains of responsibilities a manager already has.

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